Finding a Good Outdoor Umbrella

So you looking for an outdoor umbrella but are uncertain where to start, which one to buy, then read on for a look at the different types of outdoor umbrellas available. An outdoor patio umbrella is important to keep both sunshine and rain away. Their main use will depend on what climate you live in. They are mainly used to keep the sunshine away on those lovely warm days when you want to sip an nice cold drink under the shade. It is not just comfort, however, they provide vital protection from harmful UV rays as well.

When searching for outdoor umbrellas, online is a good place to start by doing a search. This should bring up suppliers and manufacturers. Buying direct from wholesalers and manufacturers, you may be able to find an umbrella much cheaper than in a local store. There are a number of categories of outdoor patio umbrellas to consider prior to making your purchase.

Teak Outdoor Umbrella:

As opposed to normal wood umbrellas which are mad from oak, ash or similar, these are made from teak wood. This is a hardwood, which withstands the rigors of being outside and ages beautifully. It is important to look after them though by the regular application of a little teak oil. They are usually the most expensive but last a long time and get better with age.

Outdoor Market Umbrella:

These are the large umbrellas that are often used in commercial areas. They are usually made out of wood.

Fibreglass Umbrella:

The biggest advantage of these is that they are flexible and are often marketed as “wind resistant” umbrellas. The fibreglass arms can bend with the wind rather than resisting it and so are less likely to snap, break or permanently bend out of shape.

Aluminium Umbrella:

Again these are usually come as a large commercial type outdoor market umbrella. They can have a crank to open and shut them and even be operated electronically. It is possible to find heated umbrellas which come integrated with a patio heater.

When deciding on a purchase, think about the style of your current patio area and overall style of the house. Also, search online and compare prices to find one in a suitable price range. Then enjoy the outdoors, relaxing under your new outdoor umbrella.

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