Names to Know, When Searching for Outdoor Resin Furniture

If you have considered buying outdoor resin furniture, and if feel drawn by the inviting appearance of wicker resin outdoor furniture, then you should examine the offerings in the Corsica Collection. Each piece of black resin outdoor furniture in this Collection calls to mind the chic style of Mediterranean furniture.

At the same time, each piece of this weather resistant furniture displays the ability to withstand the steady impact of the sun’s rays. These dark pieces will not fade, even after sitting in sunlight for an prolonged amount of time.

Like all wicker furniture, these examples of resin wicker furniture from the Corsica Collection come with cushions. The July, 2010 Pottery Barn catalogue indicates that they are Sunbrella cushions. Catalogue pictures show how the off-white cushions complement the dark strands of this woven resin outdoor furniture.

If you intend to decorate a patio, then you might want to study the outdoor resin patio furniture in the Palmetto Collection Each of these patio items has the allure of something made with natural wicker fibers. However, these products feature a synthetic construction.

Maybe you want to put a dining table on your patio. In that case, you need to learn about Palmetto’s Dining Collection. Here, the resin rattan furniture welcomes exposure to the elements. Each piece has a frame of rust proof aluminum. That frame is wrapped in variegated strands of something called “Ecolene.”

When you purchase this Dining Collection, then your guests sit outdoors on comfortable furniture made of synthetic resin. They sit around a table with a slated wooden top. All of those items can resist the effects of salt spray, sun, rain and snow. The same weather resistance can be found in any platic resin furniture that is designed for outdoor use. It contains recycled lumber. The recycling process has imbued that lumber with the ability to withstand the natural onslaught of the elements.

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