The Benefits of Metal Carports

Metal carports are becoming increasingly popular in homes and it is little wonder why. They are an inexpensive option when compared to the cost of building a garage. If you want to build a metal carport though, there are a few things you should consider before embarking on the project. These include size, attachment, thickness and anchors. This article explores some of these issues in more depth.

Size: when buying a metal carport kit, it is important to consider the size of the structure. They can be found in many different sizes and can often accommodate one or two family sized cars. If you choose, however, you can find some metal carports that are large enough to to house campers or RV’s. A carport can also be chosen based on the number of legs it has. Smaller designs will often have six, whereas the medium sized will have eight and large ten.

Attachment: This is one of the first things you must consider prior to the purchase of any carports. Some are designed to be free standing which basically means that the posts will support the whole structure. Others can be designed as a lean to, to fix to the side of the house, often with a sloping roof to allow water to drain away from the house.

Thickness: Metal carport kits come in various levels of thickness which can affect its stability. The thicker the sheet metal, which is usually steel, will provide for a more sturdier building. If you live in areas of snow then a thicker frame is advisable to support the potentially heavy burden of a roof layered with snow. Also if you live in ares susceptible to high winds, even hurricanes, you will need a more sturdy construction. It will often mean the carport is more expensive though, but often worth it in the long term.

Anchors: One of the most important, yet overlooked, details is the anchoring of the carport. This can be achieved with a number of methods including screw in or stake anchors or even ropes. They can also be anchored with metal feet which is usually the best option when the carport sits on concrete. a less reliable and sometimes used method is to use weighted bags filled with sand. I would advise going with a more permanent anchoring of the metal carport.

Type: There are a number of types of carport materials to look at when buying. The most durable and least expensive is the steel variety. They can also be made from aluminum or wood. An interesting material is Alumawood which is actually aluminum made to look like wood.

These tips can help you when looking for metal carports and ensure that you get something that is suitable for you and will give you years of reliable service.

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