Maximize Space with Triple Bunk Beds

The term triple bunk beds might have you thinking of those beds you find in dormitories, ships and other places that require large sleeping areas. These actually used to be the only kind of triple bunks you could get. The problem with them is that since they are vertical with one bed stacked over another, they really aren’t that safe. No parent would be comfortable with their child sleeping at such a height. The new design of these bunks is far safer and still helps a lot in maximizing space.

Unlike its former counterparts, the newer design is shaped like an L. The first two are loft beds and the third one is under the bottom bed. This would mean that you would have two beds that are practically on ground level and only one that is on top. Such a design can make it possible for you to have all your kids sleep in one room without worrying about the one on the top bunk.

triple-bunk-bedsSince the third bed is somewhat like an extension of the bottom bunk, you will also be able to fit even more people on the beds. This would be perfect if you have guests over and need an extra bed for them to use.

Another advantage of the newer kind of triple bunk is that they have the ability to detach and become three separate beds. This would be very much needed especially when your kids grow a little and don’t want to have to share rooms. Instead of having to buy them a new bed, you could simply detach their bunk and transfer it to a separate room.

The new features of triple bunk beds surely are advantageous for many households. Not only are they able to maximize the space you use but will allow you to use them for a longer time since they can be used as separate beds.

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