Large Outdoor Rugs Made From Wool

Wool area rugs are surprisingly versatile. Many people are unaware that even Persian carpets can be washed in water, in fact that’s how the professionals clean them. That doesn’t mean you can leave your best Oriental carpet out in the rain, but it means that large outdoor rugs for your porch, patio or deck, can be made from wool. Unfortunately, when you search for outdoor rugs, you’ll find millions of synthetic blends that are lovely and durable, but if you want wool, you’ll have to buy what are called indoor-outdoor rugs. large-outdoor-rugsThese are not all that different from what you’d use in your living room except that in some cases they’ll have been treated with a product that protects them from humidity, high traffic and spills. Nevertheless, large outdoor rugs made from wool are best placed on a deck or patio area that’s covered and not in the full sun or where they’ll get rained upon.

Bob Timberlake designs, through Bas Pro, offer a great outdoor option. The braided wool area rugs are available in 8 by 11 feet, which are ideal large outdoor rugs for a deck or patio. They are constructed of high quality wool (50%) and for extra durability, a blend of nylon and other fibers that can withstand the elements.

If you need a large rug that will withstand rain, wind, snow, sun and heavy traffic on a daily basis, and will be placed in an area that’s not covered, you’re best to go with synthetic fibers. However, I do want to dispel the myth that wool carpets can’t be used on the porch or veranda or deck so long as they’re not abused. Sheepskins, Greek Flokati designs, New Zealand wool area rugs (often in Persian, Turkish or Indian designs), and most indoor-outdoor 100% wool or wool blends, make marvelous accents for outdoor dining areas and covered porches or decks. Shake or vacuum them frequently to lift dust, and wash wool rugs in cool water and mild soap when they get dirty – just make sure to dry them well (lay them flat in the sun) and they’ll last a long time.

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