Kitchen Taps Don’t Have To Be Expensive

The simple act of changing out kitchen taps can give the room a whole new look. If you are a DIYer you are in luck and can save even more money. Maybe you have a friend who has plumbing skills who can install a new one for you. But first things first, you have to find the perfect piece for your kitchen and your style.

A few years back I saw a kitchen mixer tap I fell in love with but the cost was overwhelming at $350 at a high end retail store. I did manage to find the same model for as low as $275, which still was more than I wanted to spend. I didn’t give up because the design was so unusual I had to have one. Finally I searched on-line and found the faucet for a little over $200 and free shipping. They also sold the drop in dish detergent dispenser so I ordered that along with the kitchen tap. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive and they finally did!

My husband installed the new kitchen mixer taps and dispenser. The sink was also fairly new so with the addition of the new one the room took on a totally different feel. Everyone that saw it wanted to know where I got it and they assumed it was expensive. I told them they can buy high-end kitchen faucets on-line and save a bundle. There is a website for every possible thing you can need to update or remodel a room such as a kitchen.

About a year later we decided to put the house up for sale. There was no way I was leaving my bargain behind. We went to one of the big box stores and purchased a cheap, basic faucet for the kitchen before any potential buyers showed up! We took my beautiful kitchen sink taps, wrapped it well and put it in the garage for safe keeping. Luckily our home was only on the market for 4 months, even during the bad market. I hated that cheap faucet so much I almost felt bad about the swap.

Finally the house was sold, cheap tap and all, and on our merry way we went to our new home. The one that was installed at this house was nice, but not as nice as the one we brought with us. My husband’s first project was to get rid of the current tap and put in my beautiful one! It is now two years later and everyone who sees it admires it! There is nothing like beautiful kitchen taps to make washing dishes a joy!

by Leanne

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