Installing New Kitchen Doors

A kitchen regardless of its dimensions has a number of kitchen doors, one doorway leading to the dining room, if the house has a dining room, one door leading usually to a hallway or to an enclosed porch and always one door leading to the basement and possibly to the attached garage. That means that as a general rule, kitchens have, in the minimum, three doors or doorways. In some houses, a kitchen door leading to the dining room are fashionable swinging type doors much like those used in some bars that can be pushed open with the lower body even while carrying food in from the kitchen.

That leaves two more kitchen doors that take up space or can be used for extra storage in any kitchen. The rule of thumb is that kitchen doors are better off left open to air out the kitchen, even kitchens equipped with above the range vents and fans and those with ceiling fans. The doorway that usually leads to some other connecting part of the house other than the dining room is usually an open doorway. There is usually a space on either end of the doorway that is left bare or can be fitted with a corner etagere for accent and easy care of house plants.

The most important door in most kitchens is the door that leads to the basement and to the garage or to the back yard. That door is best kept in place although some homeowners choose to remove it for ease of coming in and going out. The problem might be that if there are small children in the house who might fall down flights of basement steps, keeping the rear kitchen door closed is safety conscious and gives the kitchen a complete look and not just some kind of boat galley in a house.

A profitable use of the rear kitchen door is the addition of a pantry attached to the back of the door. There are different kinds of metal shelves that serve as pantries that are slipped on over the top of the door and hold many household goods like small bottles and cans that might otherwise clutter and obstruct the management of kitchen supplies in cabinets.

Kitchen doorways are a functional design in any kitchen but can be made a little more stylish by the addition of modern kitchen door handles. Some people choose to fit these doorways with child and pet protective gates to allow the housewife to go about her work in the kitchen without endless worry about a child or a pet getting hurt by going heedlessly through one of the kitchen doors.

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