Instructions To Build A Chicken Coop – A Must Have For Anyone

If you are completely new to chicken breeding and your carpentry skills are below average, then you should consider buying a prefabricated chicken coop since they are cost effective, come in number of sizes, and are very easy to assemble. Otherwise, you may use chicken coop plans to do everything yourself.

However, building a chicken coop from scratch is also quite straightforward and not an impossible task. If you have not designed or built anything in the past, then stick to a simple construction – turn on your computer, get online, and look at a few blueprints chicken-coopin order to find a chicken coop type that is large enough for the flock and easy to build at the same time. Keep in mind that the coop should also be easy on the eye, especially if it is visible from the street or your neighbors’ yards.

Once you have chosen the design, gather all materials that you have on hand such as lumber, wire mesh, plywood, nails, screws, roofing shingles, and anything else that can come in handy. When it comes to tools, you are most likely going to need hammer, saw, drill, tape measure, level, and safety gear.
Once you have decided on the location, you will have to dig four holes for the posts, then proceed to creating the frame, and finally wiring the chicken run with the wire mesh.

The chicken coop should be positioned in such a way that it allows good amount of sunlight to enter it and this typically means windows positioned on the south end. While adequate natural light is important for the flock, ventilation is just as important – make use of small windows or vents in order to prevent the air inside the coop from becoming stale. You can learn more about chicken coop building at

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