Installation Tips For LCD TV Wall Mounts

Installing LCD TV wall mounts can be a very difficult job indeed. If you have the money, it is worth it to employ the services of professional installers to install your new TV. They will make certain that the wall mountings are affixed to the wall correctly and securely – and level. There is nothing worse than having to watch your television and all you can see is a box that is not quite level! They will take all the needed safety measures when your LCD TV is mounted.

But if you want to do the installation on your own and want to get the best value there are a few things you need to be aware of. Keep in mind the tips outlined in this article below and you will have a better chance of your TV staying secured in position and you will enjoy the best picture quality possible.

Choosing the correct wall to mount your LCD TV is an important decision. The best way is to either search online or go to a large department or electrical store and asking an assistant. Most brackets you find will list the models they are suitable for. It is worthwhile taking a measurement of the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the television and taking them along with you. It is important that you chose a wall that is perpendicular and flat. Selecting this location will help to make sure that you have the vest viewing experience possible when the LCD TV has been secured to the wall.

These screens look best mounted on plain colored walls so the background color does not interfere with the picture on the screen and the light does not overly reflect on the surfaces. Be certain to secure your TV at a height on the wall which doesn’t require you to strain your neck in order to watch the screen. Mount it at a standing eye level so that the screen is in front of your eyes when you stand up. LCD TV wall mounts are great for securing your television to a wall to give a sleek, modern and fashionable look.

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