Improving the circulation of warm air from your fireplace

The circulation of warm air in a fireplace is evenly distributed with a fireplace blower. The addition of this fan system allows the air to be warmed quickly inside of the area where the fireplace is located to improve the overall efficiency of the fireplace. There are certain models of unit that already include a fireplace blower. The included accessories will always be listed in the owner manual.

The use of a fireplace grate blower system rests in the rear of the fireplace or near the glass doors. This unit draws in the cool air and distributes it through the pipes creating a heating effect to distribute warmer air. This reduces the loss of heat that is lost with a standard fire without a blower system installed. Over 90 percent of the heat that is generated by the fire is recirculated with the fireplace blower creating more energy efficient heating. If the fireplace doors are made from glass, these systems are not readily available and are incompatible.

There are many different designs that help to turn your normal fireplace into a more stylish and efficient source of heat. The ability to warm cool air more accurately is a great advantage of owning a fireplace blower. These blowers can be easily installed on most fireplace units and will improve the heating ability of the unit.

If a homeowner decides to do their own installation, manufacturers have guides or videos available that show the correct way to install a fireplace blower. Replacement parts are available if a section is lost or damaged during installation or during the useful life of the fireplace.

After installation, a homeowner will easily enjoy the newly created warmth that a fireplace blower adds to a standard fireplace. The lower energy costs to heat the home will be apparent in the monthly heating budget.

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