Important Facts About Grow Lights

When you want to grow plants with care, take them inside where it’s safe. The only additional accessory you will need is something known as grow lights. Unfortunately you cannot simply take any old light fixture and use it for plant growing. Standard bulbs simply do not emit the right kind of light waves which plants need to grow. Whether you are giving seeds a new life or growing an indoor herb garden, a grow light is an absolute necessity if you want to fare with any success. With an active grow light, your plants will flourish like you’ve never seen before.

Plant grow lights come in several varieties, but most are big, bulky and are overly power hungry. Lights like HIDs and fluorescents are more suited for industrial use at nurseries. The average gardener should probably stick with a led grow light. LED grow-lightstechnology does not use filaments like other bulbs. This results in a lightweight, low heat bulb which is not susceptible to jostling or movement. Because they are small, the lights must be arranged into an array within the fixture. All of the lights work as one to create a powerful grow light.

A grow light can be mounted to a wall or hung from a rope above your miniature plant nursery. Simply use the included hardware to perform the installation. For the quickest application, a bit of double sided tape can secure the grow light to any wall. Smaller grow lights are designed to work in any regular light socket. These lights provide enough illumination for one or two plants. Plant growth will be vastly improved over outdoor growing because of the ideal conditions of the indoors. In addition, LED grow lights do not waste energy on unneeded light waves which the plants won’t even use. You get the most bang for your buck with led grow lighting.

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