How to Keep a Garage Warm

Some homes do not have garage heaters and most families just have to rely on natural ways to keep warm while working during the chilly season. People would rather stay as close to the fire while talking about how gorgeous their fireplace mantels are this time of year, but there will always be some days that one has to suddenly go out to the garage to do something. Whether you need something done in the garage or you have to work on your car, there are many situations like those mentioned that can end up with you freezing to death if you do not do anything about it.

Here are some ideas you can do to keep warm while working (or resting) in the garage during a cold day.

Dress warm. A couple pair of socks and a plastic bag over the socks would be great worn with a pair of thick soled rubber waterproof boots. Put on as many layers of clothing as you can manage without difficulty or strain for the work you plan to do. Put on a hood or a cap to protect you head and ears.

Buy a portable 500 watt halogen lamp. Turn on all the lights and aim it the space where you work. Make sure to keep highly combustible materials away from the lamp.

Stuff rags on any visible openings on doors and windows. Put some area rugs or carpet to keep the floor warm. Duct tape clear plastic over windows and seal leaks with foam insulation. Make sure draft does not get into the garage.

Central heating systems are not connected to the garage. Most garages are not insulated to retain the heat, which causes a big drop in temperature. If you need a bit more heat, a garage heater is ideal for heating up that work area to make it comfortable.

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