How to Clean a Water Damaged Carpet

Many homeowners use carpets in their homes not just to add beauty but also to help in padding floor areas and adding insulation. One of the biggest problems a homeowner can face is when carpeting gets damaged from the water. Here, you will learn about how to clean a water damaged carpet in order to salvage your carpet and to once again restore clean and healthy surroundings after water damage has been done.

We will start with removing the carpet, washing and drying.
The first thing that you ought to do when water damage has been inflicted on your carpets is to first determine the kind of water that has seeped through. Are you dealing with leaks, bursts or floods? Are you dealing with rainwater, burst pipe water or dirty water that might have come from sewage overflow? If the water damage has been caused by clean water from the rain or water pipeline burst, cleaning your carpet can be easier and is advisable. If your carpet has been damaged by dirty brackish water, it is better to entirely throw away the water damaged carpet as it can be a source of disease-causing microorganisms. Start with cleaning the carpet after cleaning water damage from the source and you stopped the source from water leaking.

Cleaning a carpet that has been damaged by clean water should first begin by removing the damaged carpet. Check if it is simply laid down or if it tacked or glued to the flooring. You can also remove the padding as it can be easily replaced. Once the carpet is removed, wash it with carpet shampoo and water, scrubbing the dirtied parts thoroughly. You can use a solution of rug shampoo and water or cleaning solution and water. Rub off dirtied areas in a circular motion using a sponge. You can hose down the carpet with water for rinsing. The next step is to dry your carpet. It should be laid down flat under direct sunlight. If this is not possible, hang it out in open air for hours; checking from time to time the drying progress. Keep in mind that drying your carpet takes time and this should never be hurried as mold and mildew might grow if moisture is left.

After the carpet has completely dried off, you can also vacuum it thoroughly just to make sure there is no debris left. Just remember to only vacuum a water damaged carpet once it is thoroughly dry. By following these steps, you can salvage a carpet that has been damaged by rainwater, pipe burst water or even flood water.

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