How to choose the right shoe storage

There are so many ways to organize your shoes that you might need a lot of time to decide before choosing the right shoe storage. On the market there are different shoe organizer brands fighting to gain more customers but everything depends on your needs. All shoe organizers have positive and negative points. In order to select the best one, consider your needs and possibilities.

Shoe cubbies offers the possibility to protect and store all pairs of shoes as they offer enough separate space for each pair of them. Cubbies can also be found in different styles and designs. A disadvantage would be that the slots are too small for boots or winter shoes. Of course, you can always get the wider ones but they are more expensive.

Free standing shoes storage or wire shelving can maximize floor space. The shoe racks can also be expanded. One disadvantage is that these shoe racks are too exposed to dust. In addition, there aren’t compartments between the pairs of shoes, which means shoe-storagethat over time,  the shoe can be all mixed together.

Over the door shoe organizers are a great possibility for people who don’t have enough space on the floor. This possibility is recommended to store the most used shoes. Some over the door shoe organizers protect the shoes from dust, offering different compartments. The disadvantage would be that you kind of have to stare at the shoes everytime you close the door.

Finally, you can consider hanging closet shoe storage furniture which are just like cubbies in the sense that they also provide  compartments and protection for the shoes. The disadvantage would be the space for a pair of shoes may be too small.

Before buying shoe storage consider what do you need them for, the space you can allow for the organizer and the importance of the design. All shoe storages have advantages and drawbacks. Consider the most important things for you and it won’t be too hard to make a choice.

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