How Often Should I Aerate A Lawn?

The answer to ‘how often should I aerate’ depends a lot on your yard. Some lawns benefit a lot more from lawn aeration than others. Some of the lawns that benefit the most are new lawns in subdivision, where the developer did not put down an honest amount of top soil. Aerating these yards can help the new grass roots break into the soil underneath. This can help the turf thicken as the roots grow into the clay and top soil underneath. Most lawn experts recommend you aerate a minimum of once every 3 years. While these is adequate for most yards, yards with the following conditions, should consider aerating more often:

  1. lawn-aerationIf you live in a hilly area or you are surrounded by mountains Often this will make your soil a lot harder.  Coring lawn aerator will help to prevent lawn soil compaction and reduce stress on the root system.

  2. Lawn that have a high clay content should also aerate on a regular basis. Doing early Spring aeration can help a lot with these lawns because it can give the soil room for expansion and the grass roots for growth.

  3. A third reason to aerate your lawn more times then average is if you get a lot more traffic then average. Even a little dog in a small back yard can compact the lawn over time. However, generally, the compaction has to get pretty bad before it causes a problem. High amounts of traffic can be a result of humans or pets. A lot of times children can compact the soil around play structures and next to patio.

  4. Another source of lawn compaction which can create a nee for more regular aeration are trees. Some trees block the ground from receiving water in the spring. In addition, they also dry out the middle of the lawn with their root systems which can suck out the moisture that is badly needed during the summer months.

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