How Long Would It Take You In Cleaning Machine Washable Rugs?

The main reason why people would go for machine washable rugs is that they don’t like to spend much time in doing the washing. They also hate exerting an effort just for cleaning the entire mess. However, whether you like it or not, you still need to spare some time just to do the cleaning. The question now is how long would it take you?

machine-washable-rugsTo answer that question, the first thing that you have to bear in mind is the volume of the rugs that you are to clean. Obviously, if you are to wash a lot, you will need some time. Basically, you cannot place all these rugs on the washing machine at once. Your machine has a limited capacity and might break down should you push everything to the limit. Say for instance you spend around 5-10 minutes for the spinning alone with at least 3 average sized area rugs at once, it will take you around an hour or more if you have 10 or more area rugs to do.

After the spinning, you have to rinse the rugs one by one. This is the more tedious part. You have to spend around 10 minutes or even more for each rug to assure that no soap is left. You also have to remove stains should you find them. If there are stains that can hardly be removed by hand wash, you still have to think of possible means to get rid of it. The rinsing could take you another hour or so.

Finally for drying these rugs, situation will vary. If you have a dryer, you have to problem. You just have to leave them there and you’re done. If you are to use the traditional way of drying them, you have to secure their place to avoid dust and dirt while wet. Rest assured, this won’t eat much of your time.

The reason why cleaning takes time is that these rugs whether average sized or large area rugs become so heavy when wet. However, if you think you can hasten the process, an hour at least would be enough to finish everything. Again, we are talking about quality washing in this article.

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