How An Electrical Panel Surge Protector Guards Your Home

A homeowner’s surge protector — or electrical panel surge protector — is a device which offers protection to one’s home from power surges. It stops the power surge at its point of entry, which is typically at the circuit breaker board or main electric panel through which the power line enters the dwelling. These devices are generally not hard to find, as several online vendors sell such items. One can also acquire such a device from his or her local power company. Experts recommend that individuals do not attempt to install such a device themselves, as it requires one to handle high voltage wires during the process. However, a qualified electrician can typically complete the job in 30 minutes.

The cost of such a device is usually a few hundred dollars, of course this can vary greatly depending on the make and model. One popular manufacturer of electrical panel surge protectors is Panamax. This company offers two different kinds of electric panel surge protection, one of which attaches directly to the home’s service panel, while the other offers connecting wires that come out beside the panel. Other companies offering these devices include Lexiton, Square D, and Intermatic.

The size of the circuit board is a big determining factor when it comes to selecting a electrical panel surge protector. Most models have 500V clamping voltage. This refers to the amount of voltage the device will allow to pass into the house before it is considered a surge and is stopped by the device. Panamax states their surge protector will protect from fallen utility poles, transformer issues, and indirect lighting strikes.

They also guarantee their devices for five years. Should the surge suppressor fail while under warranty, a ten thousand dollar CEW guarantees coverage for any damage.

While these devices are very beneficial for use in one’s home, it is still advisable to utilize additional plug in protectors for certain appliances, as well as for personal computers.

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