Healthy Homes with Reusable Furnace Filters

In the most recent years, air pollution has increased to alarming levels. What’s more alarming is that indoor air among homes and other buildings is several times more polluted than the air outside. You could only imagine the danger there is to your family since most of their time is spent in the home. Just when you thought the home is a haven from the harms outside, it may even be a more risky place for family members who have respiratory problems. The results may not show right away, but they eventually will. Why wait and why expose your family to health risks that keep piling up? Strengthen your home against air pollution, install and maintain a reusable furnace filter now.

Very good upgrades to the disposable filters are the reusable furnace filters. These filters are excellent at removing allergens and very harmful pollutants. While disposable filters have MERV 4 ratings which indicate them to be inferior in capturing small reusable-furnace-filtersparticles from the air, reusable ones are as good as MERV 8 or as excellent as MERV 13, making them reliable in removing all large particles and almost all minute particles and fumes that harm your family’s respiratory system. It is also in the reusable filters that you can get the healthiest additional features to keep your home and family safe. The filters are at times designed with allergen reduction characteristics for the cleanest air. Others are constructed without the unnecessary antimicrobial chemicals because the filter materials themselves restrict the growth of harmful bacteria. These filters also come with sturdy construction. More importantly, these reusable furnace filters meet the standards set by the American Lung Association and Health House. Filters cannot get more healthful than them.

With only regular washing, depending on the specific conditions in the home, and yearly replacement, reusable furnace filters afford your family year-round clean risk-free air to breathe.

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