Harsh Tile And Grout Cleaner VS Mild Grout Cleaner

Cleaning grout is a maintenance operation that has to be done at least monthly, if not even more often. It all depends on how much activity you get in the kitchen or the bathroom. Kitchen grout tends to become greasy and dirty, while the bathroom one develops mildew due to the high moisture. Therefore, the best tile grout cleaner should be picked according to your needs.

In order to learn how to clean grout with a harsh grout cleaner, make sure you actually need that. If you haven’t done it in a while, then the dirt layer is probably solid enough and needs to be dealt with a solvent. In this case, a harsh tile and grout cleaner may be the right solution. On the other hand, it may damage the tiles. Try to use this option as a last resort.

You don’t want a clean grout over a damaged tile. Take in consideration the tiles mounting system and how resistant they are. A very powerful cleaner may even damage the grout as well. Instead, you can just put some extra effort and use a mild cleaner, then perform this operation more often. In order to come out with a successful result, it might take more than just a few cleaning operations.

The difference is also notable in the price. A harsh tile and grout cleaner obviously costs way more than a mild one. However, you may just as well appeal to a homemade organic cleaner.

How to clean grout with one of those?

If you got some vinegar in your kitchen, a couple of lemons and maybe some baking soda too, you got everything you need. Other recipes include peroxide as well, although it is not very common. Whichever your option is, make sure you give it some time to do its effect before actually starting to scrub.

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