Getting the Right Bathroom Sinks

You can alter the look of your entire house without spending a fortune simply by renovating your bathroom or even just replacing the bathroom sinks. Getting a new look in the bathroom doesn’t require changing everything. A new color or change of vanities can often completely transform the bathroom into something stunning without going to the expense of a complete re-build project. A boring bathroom can be exciting again if you change the bathroom sink. You have many sink options to choose from which can turn those plain white functional items or outdated avocado green ones into glorious, stylish, contemporary visions. Instead of the standard bowl you can choose from an array of sizes, shapes, materials and colors to fit your budget.

Bathroom Sinks Installation

Your sink can be installed on the countertop, hung from the wall, or free standing. Your selection will be determined by the space in your bathroom and your existing plumbing. If you have a lot of room under the sinks than it is worthwhile considering installing a vanity unit to provide extra storage space. This can free up the space above the sink so you can do away with what is an often medicine cabinet. You can still go for traditional white porcelain sinks which is often cost effective as they will likely be the least inexpensive option. However, instead of the normal, classical shape, opt for something different. They come in a wide variety of shapes, including square, oval and round. In addition to porcelain, look out for sinks which are available in many materials. These are usually more expensive but the style impact they make can be tremendous.

You can opt for a one piece molded sink and solid countertop. The benefit of this is that it will never leak. This kind of sink is available for all budgets and you can find these at most home improvement stores in pre-molded standard sizes. If you have an unusually shaped bathroom then you might need a custom mold which costs more.

When picking a design for your new sink, you can choose from a lot of colors and patterns. Bathroom sinks can be painted any color or Bathroom Sinksdesign that you choose. These designs are fired onto the surface of the ceramic which makes them permanent and hard wearing. Common bathroom styles include floral designs, fish, and contemporary minimalist styles. If you are not searching for a particular theme, then you can buy a sink in a color that coordinates with your bathroom. At this point, when choosing a design, also take into consideration the bathroom sink faucets you want to use. These have to coordinate as you do not want to end up with lovely brass, traditional style faucets fixed to an ultra modern granite sink. This may seem obvious but believe me I’ve seen it done and it is not a pretty site!

Glass bathroom sinks are a popular new variety among the types available. Glass bowls come in a variety of textures, shapes, and colors to complement your bathroom. It is possible to have these custom made and hand blown, but be aware this can be a very expensive choice.

Sinks also come come in materials such as marble, copper, stainless steel, brass and chrome. There are many styles and design options for you to choose from and your only limit will be your creativity, imagination and resources. Whatever you decide, take time to choose and do your research as bathroom sinks can make or break the renovation project.

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