Buying the Right Garden Hose Reel

You spend so much time on your yard, cutting the grass, pruning the trees and tending to your flower beds; but maybe you have overlooked one aspect of your landscaping – the humble garden hose reel. Chances are you’re like most of us; your garden hose is lying lifeless out in the yard. And no doubt your frustration builds when you go to use it to water your garden or wash your car and the hose tangles and kinks. Don’t feel bad; it happens to the best of us. What’s the solution to keeping your hose neat and kink-free? A garden hose reel is the answer to your hose headaches.

Garden Hose ReelIt doesn’t matter if your hose is 50 feet or 200 feet, the garden hose reel will keep it tangle-free, accessible and neat. And a hose reel is as practical as it is attractive; your hose will never accidentally be run over or damaged. It is also a valuable safety feature to add to your property. No one will trip or become tangled in a mess of a hose lying on your lawn.

Garden Hose Reel Types

There are many different styles to choose from including a metal garden hose reel at various prices from which to choose. Reels can be mounted to the side of your house or can be on a moveable cart. Other garden hose reels can be housed in its own storage unit. There are retractable garden hose reels to suit any taste or budget.

To find one, simply search online or visit Home Depot or your neighborhood home and garden supplier. One online merchant, MyReels, offers a variety of garden hose reels. MyReels caters to the needs of home gardeners and commercial landscapers alike. It also offers one of the largest selections of garden hose accessories.

I prefer the complete gardening station for my garden hose reels. It features a hose reel and storage area as well as a sink and flat surface I use to set potting soil, pots and plants. It is a terrific convenience for my outdoor gardening!

Why wait any longer to get your hose off the ground and keep it kink-free? A nice garden hose reel will end your frustrations and keep your lawn free of clutter.

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