Garage Door Repair Tips

Garage door repair isn’t an easy job but but there are lots of unknown or overlooked tips that can make the job easier and save you from calling out expensive repairmen. The following are some basic guidelines to help you assess and help you in your garage door repairs.

1) Safety.

Of course, this is your first concern when beginning a garage door repair. This is a difficult job and your safety should be your top priority. Garage doors typically weigh hundreds of pounds and operate under extreme tension. They can open unexpectedly.

Maintain a clean and un-cluttered work area that is free of debris so you won’t trip over anything. Remove things that could block garage dooryour path if you should need to move quickly.

Keep children and pets away from the repair process so that you do not accidentally injure someone. Make certain that you have the right tools for the job and use them in the way they are supposed to be used.

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

2) Simple Answers.

Before deciding that you need to dismantle the entire door, check to see that it isn’t just a simple adjustment. Look for obvious problems first, like loose bolts, twisted parts, rusty springs or foreign objects blocking the machinery. Repairs are often as easy as removing a string that has become wrapped around the opening arm. Garage door opener repair can also be a tricky job but you will often find that you can just replace the whole unit which are best found by searching online. Online is also an ideal way to find garage door repair parts. These are specialist parts, particular to your model of garage which you are unlikely to find in your local hardware store.

Examine the parts for signs of wear and tear. Rusty, worn out pulleys or frayed electrical wires might need replacing. It isn’t always a complicated job. It is vital to inspect the garage door opener.

3) Replace the Springs.

Doors which feel heavier than usual or are difficult to open may need to have the springs replaced. The more you use your garage door, the faster the springs will wear out. Remember to replace both springs to provide even pressure, ensure a proper lift and prevent potential damage.

Springs-torsion and side-mounted are the two most common types. Replacing these elements can be dangerous so exercise caution and ask a professional if necessary.

4) Check The Warranty.

If your garage door opener is relatively new, check your warranty before you work on it. All or part of the necessary repairs may be covered. Most openers will come with a 1 to 2 year warranty that will cover a number of minor repairs.

5) Electrical Issues.

The most commonly occurring problems in electric models are usually dead batteries in the remote or a problem with the code used to open the door. If you are still experiencing trouble you will want to inspect the motor. This is a relatively inexpensive replacement and can keep the system operational and your garage door repair will be a success and keep operational for many years to come.

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