Tips For Buying Garage Door Openers

If you find yourself getting fed up with having to manually open the garage door every time you come home then you should look at automatic garage door openers. They are also worth looking at if you are undertaking a garage door repair project. However, before rushing out and making a new investment there are a few things that you should consider. Here are a few tips of the main points to take into account before investing in a garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Remote: The remote is one of the first points you should look at. Some remote have one butting whilst others have two. This may seam a minor detail, but if you have a two door garage then you will certainly want a remote with two buttons. This will allow you to use the garage door remote to open each door independently, so you don’t have to open both at once.

Drive System: The next aspect to look at is the drive system for the garage door. There are basically two systems: the screw drive mechanism that has fewer moving parts and so need less maintenance; and the chain drive system that uses a metal chain to move the garage door along the tracks. The latter mechanism is often less expensive, but is more noisy and can require more maintenance to keep running smoothly.

Power: Garage door openers often come in one of three power ratings – 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower. The power you need will entirely depend on the weight of your garage door, If you have a double garage door, this will weight a lot more, so you should really look at a minimum power rating of 1/2 horsepower.

Speed: The speed of opening will vary from one garage door opener to the next. More expensive designs will open the garage door a lot quicker than the cheaper models. All openers will tend to close at the same slower speed for reasons of safety.

Lighting: The last point to look at is the lighting. Many designs now include a safety light incorporated into the opener which is activated when the garage door is opened. This is good if there is poor surrounding lighting and will make you feel more comfortable.

When looking to buy garage door openers it is worth bearing in mind these tips, making sure you get a suitable model which is reliable.

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