Five Hardscape Features to Add to Your Landscape

If you’ve spent some time and money on making your landscaping around your house look beautiful, you should consider other ways to enhance the area by adding hardscaping. Hardscape is hard stone, outdoor pavers, or concrete to pave or decorate an area. There are many uses for landscaping pavers, both functional and aesthetic, so here are the five top projects you can build with this material:

1) Retaining wall. If you have an area that lays near a slope, or if you need to drain water better around your property, a retaining wall may be for you. In addition, they also look nice, so they are a great way to spruce up your yard. Consider throwing up a wall to separate different sections of your home and garden, for instance.

2) Walkway/pathway. This is great if you’d like to have a way to get from your patio or driveway to your house. Another popular use for paving stone walkways is having them wind through a garden, offering a scenic, peaceful walking route through your home.

3) Patio. These are great for entertaining guests or simply for relaxing in your own backyard. They can be coupled with other features, like walkways and retaining walls, to make your landscape as beautiful and ‘user friendly’ as it can be.

4) Steps. These serve an obvious functional purpose, but their aesthetic appeal is often underrated. You can use the same material to make steps and stoops as you do for your walkways and patios.

5) Grass pavers. If you have an area that is well trafficked by feet or vehicles, and you don’t want to lay normal pavers, grass pavers may be the way to go. These will help maintain the structural integrity of the soil and will improve water drainage. Aesthetically they may not be as pleasing as regular pavers, but they do allow for grass to grow in between the honeycomb structure, so you can hide them or display them as you wish.

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