Enjoy the Great Outdoors With a Backyard Fire Pit

At one time, it seemed like the only way city folks could enjoy a nice outdoor fire was to go camping. But that’s all changed, thanks to the introduction of the backyard fire pit. These portable units can be used on the patio or deck, and some are even small enough to fit on a tabletop. That makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy the cozy warmth of a real fire without leaving home.

You can buy fire pits that use natural or propane gas for fuel, but the most popular units are the wood burning fire pits. Although they’re not as convenient, most backyard-fire-pitspeople just prefer that smoky aroma and the sound of the logs crackling as they burn. These units consist of an enclosed area with a grate to set the wood on, and either have doors or a removable cover so you can add logs to the fire and stir it around.

A wood burning fire pit has the added advantage of being able to cook food. Some styles include a grill so you can throw on some hot dogs or heat up a batch of s’mores. You can really make a night of it with this kind of setup.

You’ll also find that there are some beautiful designs on offer. Some of the larger fire pits are enclosed in glass, but many of the smaller, bowl-shaped products are elegantly adorned. You can find various metallic finishes, mosaic tiles and even cut-outs in the metal so you can peek at the fire inside while it burns.

All of this is actually more affordable than you might think. The smaller units sell for less than $100, while even a larger, more elaborate wood burning backyard fire pits are still under $200. That’s a real bargain, when you consider how versatile it is and how much enjoyment you’ll get from it.

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