Don’t Sacrifice Comfort – Use Cushions

Cushions are a necessity in every home. They say sit and relax. They offer a place for weary bones to decompress.

Homes that are the most elegantly decorated rely on cushions often: by the charming window seat on a stair landing, the counter stools in the kitchen or the outdoor cushions. This simple touch can lend a soft edge to hard lines and imposing scales in many newly constructed residences. Adding a cushion here and there can also lend even more tradition to old estates. In many European castles, piles of cushions are positioned next to the bed, or at the foot of the bed; giving an intimate grounding to the over-sized, statuesque rooms.

Today, the most luxurious are over-sized, pillow-like floor cushions strategically placed in front of a fireplace, or on the floor of a family room. They are often covered in a decadent fabric such as chocolate velvet, adding a cozy charm to most any space.

I have huge brown velvet floor cushions that I just described in my family room. I removed them from my grandmother’s couch years ago. They are mushy and old and extremely comfortable and they are an heirloom. They come out each night when my children play board games or have friends over to watch t.v. When perusing thrift shops or second-hand stores, look out for these treasures. There are tons of them! Everywhere! Big, small, bright and dull cushions. They are often inexpensive. The best part is that when you get home, nothing has to be moved. They are just placed in the room. It’s like redecorating for ten bucks!

When considering purchasing cushions, one must know what purpose they will serve. This helps the buyer narrow down the cushion filling and the choice of cushion covers. For instance, one being used for a dining seat will have much more structural detail than one being used for a window seat. The dining seat cushion, if casual, may be filled with a foam material. Window seat cushions in a sunny spot on a stair landing may be filled with feather or down material. Likewise, the covering for dining seat and patio cushions may be of a microfiber, or a leather- a more durable and easy to clean choice. The window seat cushion may have a fabric covering with or without a zipper (for cleaning purposes) in order to lend the space to reading or lounging in comfort.

Whatever your budget, whatever your style- cushions add a decorative touch and an inviting smile to your home year round.

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