Do You Worry About A Garage Sealant

Back in the old days, it seemed that nobody cared about applying a garage sealant to their garage floor even though the material used was concrete. The thought was that the concrete was a very tough material and this was enough reason why nothing was done to protect the floor. A floor used for jobs is expected to wear out and the longer it’s been used the more wear there would be. This way of thinking is changing at present and there’s a wide range selection of effective garage floor sealants available on the market. You have every opportunity to seal your garage floor, change its color and add some anti-slip materials.

garage-sealantThere are various garage floor sealers available today on the market and they can either be the low end type like water based floor paint or the epoxy product which is two-part and tinted plus there may be additional color flecks and a traction surface which is the Cadillac of all plans.

Some people believe that paint is just fine if you will just park your car on it but I don’t think this is right. Floor paint does not give a protective coating to your floor and, from what I have witnessed, a painted floor wears off very fast. It is more helpful if you purchase a good quality product that is epoxy based. An epoxy actually consists of two parts which are the resin and the hardener.

Basically, you have to mix enough of resin and hardener to cover a 6’x6’ square at a time. If the area is larger, the product may start the curing process before you are done rolling it out completely. Before applying the mixture, you can add the tint you like. After you are done rolling out the coat, you should spread out the paint chips like you cast chicken feed. This is also the point where you have to spread out the traction material. Generally, this is a gritty sand that provides great footing even on a wet floor.

It is expected, after you apply an epoxy coat, that you can walk on the floor’s surface after 18 hours and you can drive your car on it after three days. Ask your local waste disposal agency if you have any waste material from this job because this is not something they want to dispose in a landfill.

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