Different Styles of Curtain Poles

Curtain poles are essential when hanging up your draperies. These rods come in a variety of styles and materials including various metal finishes, lightweight plastics, and even an assortment of wooden curtain poles. To make it easier to decide which type is best for your home, it helps to learn a little more about them.

The standard rod is the plainest one available and can be found in virtually every home store and curtain shop. These are usually made of aluminum, which makes them fairly lightweight. This type of rod is usually attached to the wall by plates with hooks, and is normally hidden from view because they are inserted into the drapes built-in sleeve.

A tension rod offers versatility because it allows you to use it between two walls. It has a spring inside it that allows you to wedge it between the walls. This type of is normally found inside the bathroom.

Traverse curtain poles may be the oldest type of rod that is used in today’s society. They are a good choice if you need to hang curtain-polesheavy drapes. An advantage of this type is that it allows the person to open and close the drapes by using a built in rope and hanger mechanism.

Another choice of pole is a magnetic curtain pole. This type is often used to hang draperies on metal windows or doors. An advantage of this is that the person does not have to drill any holes into their metal structures. Installation is easy because the person simply places the rod in the exact position they want it and the magnets cling to the metal door or window.

Decorative rods are also available to help enhance your theme. These are also available in a variety of materials. Curtain pole finials may be attached to the ends in order to add further decorations.

The style curtain poles that you choose will enhance the overall look of the room. It is a personal choice as to what style, material, and color you choose.

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