Defining Garage Storage Systems

When it comes to finding what is the right type of garage storage solutions for your space, it can become confusing sometimes trying to pick out the right type of storage because the terminology can be sometimes used incorrectly. Even salespeople when you talk to them at different stores will interchange different words confusing buyers as to what they are really talking about. It is no exception when it comes to garage storage systems. These systems are typically track or rail systems that serve as the base of the storage system and are attached to the wall. You can then add different types of accessories to the units for different storage options such as bins, baskets, hooks or shelves. Some systems may even allow you to hang garage cabinets on them for even more storage space.

Some companies will offer the systems for sale with all of the pieces individually while others may offer a kit as a bigger unit to help get you started with storage. These can be nice for homeowners because there can be price breaks or discounts because you are buying more parts of the system in one package. The systems are very easy to install on the wall and come with installation hardware in most cases so there is usually nothing to buy in terms of mounting hardware.

One benefit of garage storage systems is they offer a lot of flexibility in the garage for expanding storage space as you start to accumulate more items. You can either go vertical or horizontal to add on to most storage systems so you can quickly add on to whatever you have in place while being able to meet all of your storage needs. Another benefit is you can move items around very easily by snapping accessories on or off the wall. If you don’t like something on the left, you can easily slide it over to the right side or up and down as well. This is something you are unable to do if you have installed other types of garage storage units.

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