Tips on Buying a Cotton Candy Machine

If you are looking for a cotton candy machine you are usually either looking for a machine to use at home or a commercial model. The machine you use at home is often referred to as a residential cotton candy machine which means it is not designed for business use. IN the UK, this type of sweet candy is called candy floss and in Australia, fairy floss. My memories of this delicious treat are when I visited fairgrounds with my memories as a child. Buying one of these machines for the home can give your children similar enjoyable memories.

There are many cotton candy machines available for the home which often cost less than $50. Supplies for these appliances are readily available and are inexpensive. They are very popular, to the point that you may find your local supermarket stocks the requisite flavored floss sugars. The cones that you use to collect the spun sugar are also very cheap, ranging in the price of around $7 for one hundred. The floss sugars also come in many different flavors and colors.

The styles of a home cotton candy machine varies and they can either look like one of your regular home kitchen appliances or they are dressed up and painted, with gold lettering on, to resemble those machines found at carnivals or fairgrounds. They often have a plastic guard with a higher section around the area that people stand. This prevents them from getting splattered with sugar particles. I have found that a half dome shaped cover is the best at preventing any mess. If you are not sure you would use a machine regularly or you don’t yet want to buy one, there are a number of cotton candy machine rental companies that can supply you with one for say the weekend. This is a good idea if you just need one for a children’s party or something.

If you do buy a machine, make sure it is robust and sturdy. Some are quite flimsy and can shake quite a lot whilst operating. Also, check the warranty and make sure you get a decent amount of time on it. If it doesn’t, it might reflect the manufacturers lack of faith in the machine.

These can machines can be used outdoors in the summer but also indoors in the winter. They make a great afternoon treat or are useful for parties and birthdays during the winter months. Having one indoor can still bring back outdoor summer memories.

Compared to many kitchen appliances, the cotton candy machine is relatively inexpensive but will provide a lot of fun for your children and give them memories to last a lifetime.

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