Conservatories as a Low Cost Way to Extend Your Home

If you need to extend your home, the easiest way to do so is by choosing a conservatory. Most times you will not even need planning permits it if is at the rear of your home, which saves cost and trouble.

A modern lean to conservatory gives you a light and airy room that is integrated into your living space, basically giving you a new house for a fraction of the price. It will change the way you use your home.

conservatoriesYou can choose to use it as an extra sitting room, a garden room where you are surrounded on three sides by greenery, or you could use it as an office or as a second family room.

Some styles have full height double glazed glass panels, others have a low wall for the bottom few feet all round. This wall will usually be built of bricks on the outside with a studded plasterboard wall on the inside, with the gap filled with insulating material.

If you choose a conservatory to run the full width of your house and the kitchen is currently at the rear you can double the size of your kitchen just for the price of a conservatory. Your kitchen will become an apartment sized family living room as well.

Contemporary lean to conservatories are normally built of uPVC, though timber conservatories are also available. There are many different styles to choose from and which one you choose just comes down to your personal taste.

PVC has replaced hardwood as the material of choice for lean to conservatories because it is totally maintenance free. There is none of the oiling or painting that a timber conservatory requires. Even hardwoods such as mahogany and teak need to be oiled every few years, including the hard to reach roof timbers.

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