A Chest Of Drawers For Any Room

While a chest of drawers was once relegated to the bedroom, today it has become a fashion statement. Available in many different styles, this versatile piece holds much more than your socks. Place one in the front hall as a place to keep things like purses and wallets. Stand one in the kitchen and use it to hold place-mats and kitchen towels. Put one n the bathroom for your towels and linens. In the living room it can hold photo albums, sofa blankets and remotes. Place framed family photos on top as a display.

The front hall is the first place guests see when they step into your house so why not make it inviting? Chests of drawers in cheerful colors would make a bold statement while welcoming your guest into a happy home. Consider a color such as red to really pop out. A 6-drawer piece would be just the thing. Tuck things you will need on the go inside the drawers. This might include hats, book bags and sunglasses. Add a vase of flowers and an attractive bowl to hold keys and loose change on top. Place a small mirror so you can check your hair one last time before leaving the house.

Consider placing one in your kitchen, usually the most cluttered room in a house. A pale yellow, spring green or something white chest of drawers would make a great conversation piece. Use the drawers for linens, plastic-ware and even pantry goods. Use one drawer as the proverbial “junk” drawer. You know the one; batteries, stamps, flashlights, paper, pens, pencils, etc…All the things you use in a kitchen but do not actually have a home for. Or how about using one drawer as a tea drawer? When you offer your friends a cup of tea, they can pull out the drawer and take their pick.

They can also go with the theme of any style of room. Do you have a traditional styled room – no problem – go with an antique chest of drawers to match the look. One of the most common styles is the pine chest of drawers which will go with almost any decorative scheme.

Buy a smaller set of drawers for the living room. The television can go on top while all the gadgets you use with it can go in the drawers. A 2-drawer chest can be used as a side table in the living room. Place a reading lamp on top and use the drawer for your books, magazines, or a small blanket to cuddle on the sofa.

The possibilities of a chest of drawers is really endless, match one with your décor, fill it up and get rid of some clutter.

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