Checklist for Choosing a Living Room Sofa

Before you run to the furniture store to buy a new living room sofa, you should make sure you are fully prepared. Are you sure you know exactly what size, design and material you want? Go over this checklist to make sure.

  • I have laid down papers on the floor to get a sense of the space I want my sofa to occupy
  • I have written down a minimum and maximum measurement
  • I have decided whether I want loose or attached cushions
  • I have decided on an arm style; rolled, curved, straight or armless
  • I know whether I want the legs of the sofa to show or not
  • I have considered all the pros and cons of leather sofas
  • I have considered all the pros and cons of fabric sofas
  • I have determined which material would best suit my needs and style
  • I have determined maximum cost

After you have checked off all the items on the list, you are ready to go to the furniture store. You should have a clear vision of what you would prefer your sofa to be. You may need to make a few adjustments, because they may not have the ideal sofa, but you living-room-sofawill get close enough.

After you have picked a sofa at the furniture store, go through the following checklist:

  • I have check the sofa for wear and tear and found nothing
  • I have sat on the sofa for at least a minute and have a good sense of the comfort level
  • I have check the price tag to see if it’s under my maximum cost

Once you have checked everything and the sofa passes the test, you can go and purchase it with a clear conscience. There will be no thoughts running through you mine, like “have I made the right decision?” You have carefully considered every aspect of you sofa, so you will know it will make a fine addition to your home interior decor.

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