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Why Choose This Particular Type Of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Don’t you think it’s a bit uncomfortable having to fan yourself while you sit outside your porch on a hot day when all you really want to do is just lie down and relax? How you wish you had outdoor ceiling fans to give you that cool breeze as you listen to soft music while sipping your favorite lemonade.  It’s unfortunate that many people are still not aware that these kind of ceiling fans do exist. You’ll be amazed to learn how affordable these fans are. And because of its many styles and features, they can make both a functional and beautiful addition to any outside area.

There is also a new type of ceiling fan that are excellent if you want to submit a unifying design right through the house and into your patio.  This new house décor choice are called indoor-outdoor ceiling fans since they have the ability to shift from indoors to outdoors.  They are flexible choices that could transform easily from one home setting to another.  Its other important features includes strong mechanisms such as heavy duty motors and galvanized finishes.

Indoor ceiling fans are best for maintaining a comfortable home while keeping utility costs down.  Ideal in climates with high levels of humidity, they are useful on their own as they can produce a cool breeze on a warm, muggy day.

These fans come in two models types: Wet-listed fans and the damp-listed fans. The wet-listed fans are water sealed and can withstand  direct exposure to natural elements like sun, wind, snow and rain.  On the other hand, damp-listed fans have the capability to resist moisture only.  It can withstand humid or damp conditions.

In order to avoid any electrical hazard issues, damage the electrical motor, or ruin the appearance of the elegant outdoor ceiling fan, it is necessary to ensure that you select the correct listed ceiling fan according to the exact specifications of the outside area that you intend to use them.

Curtains for Cheap Portable Gazebos

Whether you’re thinking about adding an enclosure to your patio / deck, having sun and rain protection on a front porch, or needing a closed space in the garden, the cheapest solution is one of the versatile and affordable portable gazebos crafted in durable powder-coated aluminum. Many of the designs come with outdoor gazebo curtains included in the kits or can be purchased separately for $50 to $100 or less. Some prefabricated sets offer the framework, hardware, supports, polyester canopies as well as mosquito netting or surround screens, to create complete patio enclosures that allow ventilation while still providing mosquito protection.

Purchasing the basic portable gazebo, just the aluminum frames, is extremely affordable, and allows you to customize what style of outdoor gazebo curtains you’d prefer. For example, if preparing for a garden wedding, the important element may be that the curtains be fluid and white, whereas if the gazebo is intended for a child’s birthday party, the most important factor will be mosquito protection.

Starting around $25, you can choose Velcro tabs for your outdoor curtain panels. Look for the Voila panels that fit perfectly on outdoor enclosures and gazebos. You can also get replacement curtains made by SunJoy Industries which allow for privacy and insect protection, and cost around $150, but include a canopy roof for specific portable gazebos. If you don’t need a new canopy and just want to add curtains, the best collection of styles and sizes is by Voila. You can buy specific panels to fit windows, doors, screened enclosures, open gazebos, and each can be fitted with Velcro tabs without needing to remove rods or hooks when it’s time to wash them. Choose blue, green, ivory, white and even gold weather-resistant /water repellant, reversible polyester panels that come in sizes from 54 x 84 inches up to 96 inches.

Common problems with outdoor gazebo curtains that come with portable gazebos is that they can be difficult to remove for washing and too heavy for residential washers. That’s why the Voila designs are great. Each panel has tabs that open discretely without need to take anything down. The curtains are lightweight and can be washed easily and air dried after just a shake.