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Which Kitchen Worktop to Choose?

If you are out window shopping for a kitchen worktop, you may have found that it is not as easy as picking flowers in your garden. Looking at displays at the mall can be overwhelming. Plus, you can look for these items online. You will be twice as overwhelmed.

Having plenty of stock, designs, colors, and shapes to choose from is not a bad thing. It can be very difficult to pick the right item for yourself. However, there are certain factors that you have to consider in buying the right worktop kitchen-worktopfor your kitchen.

To get the right one, always consider three important variables. First, evaluate the design of your kitchen. Your worktop must complement whatever you already have in your room. A more traditional or country looking kitchen should have a simple kitchen worktop that has a more wooden design than say, for example, metal.

The next variable is the budget. There are different prices for different designs, brands, and materials. This means you have to work with how much your money allows you to purchase. A worktop is a centerpiece in a kitchen. Having enough money to get one that is made from good materials is very important.

Finally, you must consider the functionality of such an item. Kitchen countertops come with different properties. These properties are based on how it is going to be used. You have to ask yourself the following questions to decide properly.

1.) Do you intend to use the worktop near a hot surface?

2.) Will you use the counter directly for cutting?

3.) Do you have enough time to maintain the counter? Or do you need one that doesn’t require too much upkeep?

4.) Will you be cooking or preparing meals on top of the counter? Or are you going to use it for eating?

Whatever your answers are, this will tell you what you need in a countertop. For example, some wooden countertops are best for preparing meals. You can use it to chop vegetables, segregate ingredients, and the like. Other wooden materials are good as a dining table. They can have sensitive, fragile surfaces that can be damaged if used for preparing meals.

From what you can see online and at different stores, there are hundreds of worktops out there to choose from. Commonly they are made of wood, engineered stone, and metal. But each different material has a subcategory of its own.

This is one reason why you have to consider the top three variables mentioned above. Choosing a kitchen worktop should represent your budget, your kitchen, and your design.

Refrigerator Water Filters

Regularly exchanging the water filter in your refrigerators water dispenser is a very important component of proper fridge freezer maintenance. Unfortunately identifying the correct refrigerator water filters for your particular model of refrigerator can sometimes be difficult.

A lot of refrigerators make use of the UKF8001AXX. This filter – manufactured by Maytag – finds a home in a variety of different refrigerator models from brands as diverse as Jenn Air and Amana, through Maytag, KitchenAid and Whirlpool. Many bottom mount refrigerators produced by these companies utilize the UKF8001 Puriclean II water filter.

Another commonly used water filter is the LG 5231AJ2006A and its close cousin the LG 5231AJ2006B. These particular filters are frequently found installed in bottom freezer fridges or side-by-side refrigerator freezers manufactured by LG or Kenmore.

There are many other different types of refrigerator water filter on the market apart from the UKF8001AXX and 5231AJ2006A models. You should check with the manufacturer of your particular appliance to determine what the appropriate water filter is for you.

If you’re lucky enough to still have a copy of the owner’s manual on hand, you should easily be out of check this information within that document also. Most refrigerator water filters are rated for a certain number of gallons, and higher end fridge freezers have a light that comes on that sets you know when it is time for the water filter to be replaced.

If your particular fridge does not have this feature, a good rule of thumb is to replace the water filter every six months. This will sure that the water dispensed from your built-in ice and water dispensers will be of the best possible quality.

Whether your refrigerator utilizes a UKF8001AXX, 5231AJ2006A or other sort altogether; it is advisable to take the time to replace the filter periodically as recommended by the refrigerators manufacturer.