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How To Effectively Select And Use Hanging Candle Holders In Your Home

Whether observing a religious event or simply desiring to create a certain ambience in the room, hanging candle holders are definitely worth considering for purchase. These lighting fixtures may serve as ideal complementing lights to set around the décor of your choice, or may be set as the centerpiece of the environment, drawing attention to different parts of the room. They can be set on the walls or be placed in specially designed beacons, which may be set on tables and dressers.

When purchasing hanging candle holders, one must keep in mind the wide variety of customization options available throughout the room. These holders may be mixed and matched with other fixtures in the room, as well as different candles to create varying atmospheres. One may purchase an ornate, silver candle holder and set it in a room with a generally rustic and traditional feel, or one may purchase abstract and colorful pieces that will complement a more contemporary décor. Hanging tea light holders may be purchased as well to be used in conjunction with the candle holders. Paying attention to color theory is a good way to customize the surrounding scenery of the holder. Obviously lighter colors should be used to match lighter environments, but it is a good idea to experiment with contrasting colors as well. These contrasting colors serve the purpose of drawing attention to other parts of the environment, whether you plan to set the tea lights as the center of attention or other surrounding furnishings.

Because of the wide range of customization that is inherent with these lighting fixtures, the purchase price can greatly vary. The most affordable of such fixtures will usually cost anywhere from five to twenty dollars, while the more extravagant and artistically designed pieces may cost upwards of eighty dollars. The price greatly depends on the size, materials used, and craftsmanship of the product. Additionally, certain thematic pieces may be purchased in sets to minimize the cost of individual products. It is recommended to shop online for tea light and candle holders, as one may explore user reviews and determine which fixtures will work best for them. The wider browsing experience may also be beneficial, particularly to those who are interested in experimenting with different styles and shapes. By carefully researching the choices and styles available to you, you will no doubt be able to make a lighting purchase certain to create an elegant and attractive effect in your room.

Space Saving Ideas for the Bathroom

Designing the perfect bathroom in a limited space can be a bit of a challenge. With large bathrooms it does not matter so much where each element is situated but in a small bathroom design the elements do become crucial. Let’s look at a few space saving ideas.

A bath or a shower, do you really need both or is combining a small bathtub with a shower an option. Always use small compact baths in a small space, larger baths will dominate the room and make it look small.

With bathroom sinks and vanity units you should choose smaller sinks or even built in units and avoid fitting large bulky bathroom faucets. Corner sinks can be good for use in small bathroom design plans.

Avoid using a corner bath in a small bathroom. Corner tubs do not actually save space and often look bulky. It is always better to fit a smaller compact bathtub, or perhaps just a corner shower.

Wet rooms  may be a more expensive way to go, but they can have a great effect and make good use of a confined space. Installing a wet room is not for the armature and should be done by a reputable company to avoid problems.

Make use of the corners with shelving, look at having recessed shelves in the walls. Solid and partition walls can often be cut into to fit shelves within the wall. Ideas like this can save space and add to the overall project.

Try to combine as many space saving ideas as you can and spend time planning the design out before you buy anything. Making plans of your small bathroom using pictures can  help to visualise the end results. Making some effort at the design stage will make it possible to create a wonderful and functional bathroom.