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My Log Cabin Dream

I am working my socks off to earn enough to enable me to buy a log cabin to us as an office in my garden. I know where it is going to go and everything, it is just a matter of earning enough.

Most people find that sharing an office is difficult. It is a relationship wrecker. I am anti-social when I am writing and can only work when I have the house totally to myself. Having an office in the house means that my concentration goes every time someone walks past the door or makes ordinary household sounds.

I have a huge daylight spectrum light bulb in my current office because it is very dark and I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. If I have a new office in the garden I will have masses of natural garden light and will go out to it to feel refreshed.

Nobody else will have the key to my garden office. Any untidiness will be my own and I will always know where everything is.

My log cabin will not only be an office, it will have a bathroom and a small kitchen, so I do not need to go into the house for a cup of tea while I am gardening.

I have searched online and found log cabins for sale. UK websites seem to have a lot of choice. I have picked a style out, twenty feet by twenty five feet. This is no garden shed, but a serious garden building, with lots of insulation on all six sides, including over and underneath.

You can find smaller log cabins for sale at local garden centres but to get the full choice you need to actually visit a large display centre by a major importer like Taylors Garden Buildings. They have a display area in Northampton that is amazing.

Techniques in Finding an Excellent Electrician

If want to hire an electrician to get a minor repair or large project completed, you might be surprised that it is not that simple to find an excellent one. It is true that there are a lot of licensed electricians who are offering various services but how would you know that the services they offer will pass your standards? You need to conduct simple research to find the right electrician for you so you will not end up with regrets. Here are some techniques in finding an excellent technician.

Collect Online Leads

Nowadays, most electrical contractors have their own websites. Check them out to learn about them as well as the services they offer. If you want to look for a website that offers information about various electricians available in Oklahoma City you can visit

Gather Referrals

Ask you friends, relatives, and co-workers if they can recommend any electrician. Soliciting personal recommendations is a very reliable method as they have already experienced the services of the electricians they suggested.

Ensure Their Qualifications

Never settle with an unlicensed electrician so make sure to check for their licenses before you commit with their services. Ensure their validity as well as their authenticity. Ask also for certificates of skill enhancement trainings or seminars they have participated in. This will guarantee you that they are well-informed of the updates on the latest safety standards.

Bear in mind that there are different subfields in electrical works, with this make sure that an electrician is capable or duly trained to do your electrical needs. As much as possible, look for an electrician who is knowledgeable and skilled in a wide variety of electrical services so that all your needs will be covered by him.

Know Their Reputations

Collect electrician reviews and feedback online to know what their past customers think of the services. Do not deal with electricians with many negative feedback or reviews.