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Finding the Right Carpet for Heavy Traffic

Carpet for a bedroom should be nice and soft, pleasant to stand on with bare feet. But when you’re shopping for carpet for heavier traffic areas, like a busy hallway or by doors leading outside, that carpet would be worn out and useless in two or three years. If you’re looking for ways to keep the area looking nice for longer than that, here are a couple heavy duty materials that carpeting can be made out of. Both of these are extremely durable, and will suit your home for many years to come.

The first one is seagrass, which is an underwater plant grown in eastern Asia. Seagrass is a dense plant material, and when formed into carpet, it is nearly indestructible. Seagrass can be found as either a rolled up floor carpet or a mat, though since seagrass carpet prices are fairly high it’s usually sold in mat form. Also, due to its density it resists stains very well, but that means it also resists dyes too, so it almost exclusively comes in a neutral color.

The other option is sisal, which comes from a plant grown in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Sisal is even stronger than seagrass, to the point that it takes a latex backing to hold it in place, as a normal fabric backing would tear loose fairly easily. Sisal is even rarer than seagrass, so it’s usually sold in the form of sisal carpet tiles, but if you’re looking for something that will give you the maximum amount of protection, and last for years, even with people walking on it in shoes, look no further.

Both of these materials are a bit pricey, but excellent at what they do. Whether you buy sisal or seagrass, feel assured that your floor is going to look great, and no amount of foot traffic is going to ruin the carpet.

Backpack Vacuum For A Cleaner Environment

The backpack vacuum is changing the way we clean our homes today. Modern technology is always making things quicker, easier and better than before. Unlike back in the days when the days were much longer and the wife was always home to clean from the crack of dawn, today’s wife and mom is a lot different. First of all the days seem to be much shorter and with today’s economy most wives need to help with the family income. Today there is just too much to do in 24 hours we can use all the help we can get to maintain a clean home.

So, if your wondering how backpack vacuums are any different than the average Hoover, I’ll let you know. Firstly, just the fact that it is lightweight and carried on the back, it will save you a few minutes of cleaning every day because you don’t have to keep dragging the canister up and down the stairs or from room to room.

Backpack vacuums are known to come with very long 50′ electric cord. This also will save you a few minutes because you will only need to plug one time and still reach all the rooms uninterrupted.

Also known as commercial vacuum cleaners they were initially designed for heavy duty cleaning. They are designed to clean buildings larger and dirtier than a house. This means that it is more powerful with great suction results. Who wouldn’t want a machine that offers power cleaning?

A backpack vacuum cleaner can be a great gift for a busy mom. It can really make a difference in a person’s busy and hectic life. In just minutes you can completely vacuum the carpet, tiles, or wooden floors of your entire home without interruption. There is no easier way to vacuum a stair case especially one that is carpeted. No other vacuum cleaner can offer so much and still be more convenient. A small investment can make a huge difference.