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A Useless Portable Air Conditioner

The best pieces of advice I could give to someone considering buying a portable air conditioner are these: firstly, know the nature of the room or rooms you will be putting the unit into; secondly, do your research on the various types and brands; and lastly, do not skimp on cost. Ignoring any of these may end up with you buying a useless machine that can’t do the job you thought it could do.

To relate my experience of a couple of years ago, I purchased a very cheap portable unit because we had a few small rooms in our house that got quite warm during the day. It was one of those impulse purchases where we saw a small unit in the shopping mall, which seemed very good value. I didn’t really look at the brand and I certainly hadn’t done any homework on the type of system I’d need for the rooms I had in mind.

One was a small kitchen which became very hot and this was going to be the main place we put the unit; another was a bedroom where we sometimes spent time during the day. Both of these rooms had ceiling fans.

When we plugged the unit in and expected it to cool the kitchen we noticed that it actually provided less of a cooling effect than the existing fan. What we hadn’t taken into account was just how hot the kitchen became…which would have required the unit to have a much higher BTU rating than it had (British Thermal Units are a measure of how much heat can be removed.)

If I had done some online research I would have found that a cheap portable air conditioner will not have much cooling effect on rooms that get very hot, as our bedroom also does, from receiving direct sunlight. My cheap purchase quickly turned into a waste of money.

The Importance of Bathroom Fans

Have you ever wondered what purpose your bathroom fans serve? So many people have no ideal how important it is to keep their bathroom odor free. These are not just ordinary fans they are exhaust fans, and they do serve a vital purpose. They are part of your homes ventilation system that helps to keep moisture levels under control. Without exhaust fans installed your bathroom would be susceptible to foul odors and mold build up, germs would run rapid and free. Some people don’t use their fans because of the noise, while others say that they really don’t serve any significant purpose. Not knowing about proper bathroom ventilation can cause severe damage to your home especially to wood surfaces.

Fortunately, there are many replacement bathroom fans available, and many of them are quiet. Finding one that’s affordable and powerful is not at all difficult. These fans can be purchased with or without lights, when you turn on the lights the fans comes on and when you turn off the light the fan goes off. If you have a small bathroom it is recommended that by the Home Ventilation Institute that smaller bathrooms need only one fan with airflow of one cubic foot per minute, for every one hundred square feet bathroom fansper bathroom area. It is also recommended that larger bathrooms have at least two small exhaust fans, for similar reasons. When looking for the right bathroom ventilation system for your home there are some things to consider. Pricing should not be your only motivator when searching for a reliable exhaust system; quality should be at the top of your list.

When and if the time comes for you to replace or install your bathroom fan there are some things you should be aware of. First, determine the size of your bathroom and how many fans you will need. You can research that information before you leave home. Secondly, you have the choice of choosing quiet bathroom fans. If you don’t use your bathroom exhaust system because of noise this is your chance to rectify that. Thirdly, consider the windy outdoor drafts. This is because most ventilation systems are integrated into the house venting system which leads to outside. You will want to pick a vent that is not acceptable to drafts. Make sure you have everything you need before you get started and please read the instructions carefully, and follow instructions. Improper installation of your bathroom ventilation system can cost damage to most surfaces. If you have not had any experiences of installing bathroom fans or you are not too sure, you may need to consult a professional.