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Finding Cheap Bathroom Vanities

If you are in the market for some new bathroom vanities but are finding the choices are rather expensive, then do not fear. This guide will show you how to find cabinets cheap and how to renovate your old vanities to save money. The bathroom is expensive enough to remodel and savings made in any way can help your budget tremendously. Through good research as was able to find bathroom vanity units at half the price of the exact same in my local store. All I did was follow a few simple steps.

Bathroom Vanities

Firstly, you need to decide on what kind of bathroom vanity you want to buy before you go searching. if you don’t know what you want then take a look inline, in magazines or show homes to get an idea of the styles and tastes you prefer. Also make a note of the names of the styles and models you like as these will be useful in your search later. Make sure you get the correct measurements to ensure buying the correct size. You will also need to decide on the right colors and shades to complement your overall design theme. Next, and a vital point – decide on your budget. It is quite easy to be persuaded into buying bathroom vanities that are more expensive than you want which can blow you budget out of the water. Set a budget and KEEP TO IT!

Bathroom Vanities

The next step is to look in furniture directories for both new and second hand bathroom vanity cabinets. Also look at whether they can build the cabinets and how much it would cost. This can give you a good idea for initial prices.

The way I found cheap bathroom vanity units was to look online. Many manufacturers and wholesalers advertise online, often at knockdown prices as they don’t have to cover the cost of expensive showrooms. Also if the models are last season you’ll find even bigger discounts as they do not want to be left with vanity cabinets they cannot sell. Often they will ship straight to your door but you will probably find you have to build them yourself. If this is a problem then do not worry too much as any local handyman will be able to unpack them and build them for a reasonable fee. Setting the vanities up your self in your bathroom will obviously save further costs.

One way to reduce the cost of your bathroom vanity cabinets is to look at the materials from which they are made. Solid wood can be a lot more expensive than, for example, veneer coated wood or chipboard. They can be a lot more durable as well, with easy wipe clean surface to help keep your bathroom units looking pristine.

Consider renovating bathroom vanities by painting or even tiling them. The surface often needs to be keyed by lightly rubbing down with sandpaper which will help any adhesive or paint stick. Make sure to use a waterproof paint though! it is possible to have them re-coated professionally which involves having a new outer surface applied. This is a little more expensive but will give you vanity units that look like new.

Whatever you choose, there are a number of ways to remodel your room with cheap bathroom vanities to give it a whole new fresh look.