Types of Carports Available

Everyone knows that your vehicle is one of your biggest investments and protecting them in carports is an ideal solution. You spend a great deal of time, effort and money to make sure it is working properly and it is well-maintained, clean and looking its best. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a two-car garage to house their vehicle, and not every homeowner can afford to build one.

But if you want to protect your cars, trucks, vans, boats or motorcycles but don’t have a garage or the the funds to build one, a carport might be a terrific solution for your carportsneeds. Carports come in a huge variety of styles and sizes and can be constructed from a variety of materials to suit your needs and desires; consider the following information while debating what type of carport matches your budget while still offering outstanding protection for your vehicles.

Types of Carports

Though the cost of most raw materials has increased significantly in recent years, the cost of polyester and polyethylene is still the most cost-effective alternative to aluminum or steel framing for carports and is adequate for most people. Although construction with polyester and polyethylene won’t be as offer as durable a carport as a steel-constructed model, your vehicles will still be adequately protected from wind, rain, snow, sunlight and debris. With average use, your vehicles will be protected sufficiently, and because the material is lightweight, you can move the carport on your property more easily than if you had used heavier steel.

A bit sturdier than the polyester and polyethylene model, metal carports can offer better protection and are less expensive than steel. Aluminum carports are rather easy to assemble, and while not as easy to move as the polyethylene models, a metal carport can be moved with a little effort. If you’re seeking a model with a bit more durability but is still cost effective, the aluminum carport might be best for your needs.

Naturally, the steel variety is the most durable and offers the most protection, but you will pay more because of the cost of the materials. Steel construction offers the same basic protection as other models, however, it offers the security of being a more permanent structure.

Styles of carports are available to suit anyone’s tastes; there are standard frames that are open-sided or enclosed, open-sided or enclosed A-frames, or open-sided A-frames with an attached enclosed area for storage. Some carport manufacturers also allow the buyer to custom design the carport so that it perfectly suits the buyer’s needs and tastes.

No doubt, the carport is the most cost-effective solution for the homeowner who wants to protect his vehicle without the lofty expensive of building a garage. And with so many styles and materials available, there is no question that there are carports available to suit your needs, tastes and vehicles.

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