What Kind of Carport is Right For You

Winter will be here all too soon and if you are looking for a relatively easy way to protect your car then look no further than a carport. Are you sick and tired of digging your car out from under a mountain of snow and de-icing the windows in the frigid darkness of winter mornings? You want a garage, but can’t afford one. If this sounds like you, a carport may be the perfect solution for you.

Carports have come a long way since what was available even just 20 years ago. Today there’s a wide variety of styles and building materials to choose from. There are so many choices available out there today that all price ranges, size requirements, color requirements, and even open or enclosed carports can be accommodated. You can even match your new carport to your house! Following is information on the different kinds of carports, and what might be best for you.

Polyethylene/Polyester Carports

If you live in a mild environment that is not exposed to severe weather, a carport with a soft top might be your solution. Polyethylene is extraordinarily durable, but it’s no competition for steel or aluminum in terms of resilience or aesthetics. A polyethylene carport is perfect for temporarily storing seasonal-use vehicles, for example.

Aluminum Carports

One of the best traits of aluminum carports is that they can be fitted with such extras as doors, windows, gutter systems and downspouts. Aluminum is very sturdy compared to polyethylene and polyester, and is available in many styles and colors. The downside to aluminum is that it’s lightweight and may cave under the pressure of a heavy snow. However, it’s comparably inexpensive, which makes it very enticing to many and indeed has made these metal carports very popular.

Steel Carports

A steel metal carport is as strong as any other building on your property and often comes with rust-proof protection. They are the “cream of the crop” of carports. Although this enormous increase in quality from aluminum to steel comes with a higher price, it comes with the confidence of living worry free with your new carport.

Not only will your new carport kits be of ultimate functionality, with the right selections your carport will be a beautiful addition to your home, even increasing your home’s value. A carport can save you time, energy and hassle for many years and is the perfect substitute for a permanent garage.

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