Cabinet Refacing – Steps and Tips

If your kitchen is looking a little worn or tired than you basically have two options – either replace them completely or renovate your existing units with a bit of cabinet refacing. A lot of people go way over the top when it comes to giving the kitchen a new look and this can work out to be very expensive. You certainly don’t need to do a complete kitchen renovation to simply give your kitchen a new look.

Refacing kitchen cabinets can be one or the easiest and cheapest ways to give your kitchen a dramatic new look. This is an ideal option if you are happy with your cabinets and layout but just want to improve the look and have an inexpensive alternative to replacing them.

We will cover what the process of kitchen cabinet refacing involves. Although it takes a little time, it is relatively easy to do. Read on….

Firstly, you will need to remove the draw faces and cabinet doors. This will give you enough space and room to adequately access and properly finish the doors and frames if required. If you decide to use new hinges then fill in the holes left behind from the previous hinges as it is highly unlikely the holes in the new hinges will line up correctly with those of the old. If they do….great…one less job to do.

Strip and sand down all the cabinet surfaces to be refaced. With the sanding, keeping stepping down in the grade until you get to a very fine sandpaper. This will produce a nice smooth fine finish which will create a lovely finish when we get to the next stage.

The next step is to prep the surface which may be wiping down with white spirit if you are going to varnish. Then you will want to stain and then protect the surface with the finish of your choice. You can reface kitchen cabinets with paint, a color of your choice and then protect the surface, with a varnish. Some paints are already waterproof and designed for kitchen areas. There are some products that combine the stain and protective covering which look good. These are ideal if you want to do the whole reface cabinet thing quickly. After each layer, I would recommend going over each piece with a very fine sandpaper or steel wool between coats to get a smooth long lasting finish.

Once the refaced cabinets are dry then reattach the doors and drawer faces and realign the hinges. Nothing looks worse than crooked looking doors.

As you can see refacing kitchen cabinets is a straight forward process that does not require any special skills but just takes time and can be fiddly if your doors have any sort of detailing or recesses on them. As you are doing all this work though just keep reminding yourself of the money you are saving whilst cabinet refacing.

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