Brinks Home Security Systems Guide

Brink’s Home Security System’s 24 hours-a-day home protection allows you to sleep soundly at night and give you peace of mind knowing your home is secure.  You can have all of these by just choosing the security system that suits your budget.

Brink’s offers two kinds of security system.  It has the Standard System and the Premium System.  The Standard System costs $99.

The Standard Home Security System includes features like the Zone Bypass feature, an electronic keypad with three one-touch emergency buttons to call for police, fire and medical aid.  Buttons on the keypad instantly connects you to Brink’s and it informs them of the kind of emergency aid you need. The keypad is easy to use and it also controls the activation and deactivation of the system by simply typing the numeric code.

The Standard System provides for two (2) Perimeter Sensors.  When these sensors are breached, it will automatically alert the home-owner. For example, whenever a secured door or window is opened in an activated system, an alarm is triggered.

Another feature of the Standard System is the Master Control Panel.  This transmits the monitoring data to Brink’s Central Monitoring Center.  It has an enclosed back-up battery so it still functions in case of power failure.

The Standard System also includes a Motion Detector which monitors open areas. Whenever there is any movement within your home, the alarm will be triggered.  When this happens, a loud 90-decibel siren is set off.

And finally, a Yard Sign and Window Decals are installed to serve as a deterrent to potential intruders and warn them off that the house is protected by Brink’s security system.

For more enhanced features, you may opt to get Brink’s Premium System for a slightly higher cost of $205. With this system, you get all the features of the Standard System plus extra features such as an additional Perimeter Sensor and an upgraded keypad design.  The Premium System’s keypad has a backlit display and it guides users on the system’s functions.

Both Systems are hi-tech and highly reliable.  Almost a million Americans and Canadians use one of these systems.

Formed in 1983, Brink’s Home Security System is an affiliate of Brink’s Incorporated, one of the world’s largest secure transportation service provider.  Its headquarters is in Irving, Texas where Brink’s National Service Center, which provides alarm monitoring and other customer services, is also located.

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