Big Sky Montana Log Homes

Montana is a place like few others. And Montana log homes are just part of what make it even more lovely. For a minute I would like to introduce Ennis, Montana. When someone thinks of Montana, mountains are one of the first things that come to mind. Fly fishing, large native animals, and the huge Big Skies are also part of the backdrop one paints in their mind when this state is mentioned. And sprinkled across the landscape are many log homes.

For many Ennis is a popular destination. This town is situated right along the world renowned fly fishing river- the Madison. For many miles is flows along right next to highway 287. Located to the east of the valley the Madison mountain range rises high. Some of the most famous peaks are Lone Mountain, Fan Mountain, and Spinx Mountain. Located off to the west are the Tobacco Root Mountains.

log-homes-in-montanaEnnis itself is a pretty clean little town. In the bigger picture it  is centrally located between Big Sky, Bozeman, and West Yellowstone. Ennis is about an hour’s drive from all three of these. Quickly, Big Sky offers the sky slopes and lifts, Bozeman is a nice small city and it has an international airport, larger stores, and some culture, and West Yellowstone is the West entrance to Yellowstone National Park. In the winter Elk herds numbering in the 1,000’s at times can be seen migrating north into the Madison Valley. We have also seen buffalo outside of the park by about 10 miles or so.

But what makes Ennis one of the best locations for log homes in Montana? Because this is the style of architecture that fits here. Recently I spoke with a real estate appraiser who works extensively in Gallatin County. She told me that more than 30% of all homes built in the Madison Valley are log homes, not even counting the timber frame, hybrid, or wood homes. That is a high percentage. The building costs of Ennis are not nearly as high as towns like Big Sky. Big Sky was designed from its first days as a town for the rich. In many subdivisions you have to prove that you have a net worth of at least 4 million dollars in order to even place an offer on a piece of property. One of the most expensive homes in the world is there. It was reportedly built for about 100 million dollars.

Ennis is not this way. It has a broader base with homes located with in many price brackets. It is not unusual to find a lovely log home that is 2,000 square feet for under $500,000.  All through the current recession land prices have receded across the country, but they have held up very well.

Montana log homes is more than just a location. It is a way of life. When you meet visitors in Yellowstone Park they may not know many towns in the state, but many do recognize the names of Bozeman and Ennis. If you ever have dreamed of living in the west, Montana is one of the very best places to settle.

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