The Bedside Table – A Necessary Luxury

A bedside table or nightstand is almost a necessity for any bedroom. If the bed is larger than a single, there are usually two, one placed on both sides of the bed for each person. The stand should at least be the size to accommodate a reading lamp, and the table should be the height of the bed, though if it is specifically for the placement of a reading lamp, it can be higher than the bed to offer the best reflection on the reading material.

Many of these bedside tables are very utile. They come in many styles and can be a part of the rest of the bedroom furniture décor, or as an unmatched piece serving as an accent. The style should suit your own and comply with the idea that the bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. A popular choice of late is the white bedside table which gives a contemporary yet relaxed, serene look to any bedroom. You want to have the things that you need close at hand so there is no need to arise and procure them from other areas of the bedroom or other rooms in the house. When choosing this piece of furniture, you should think of the things that you most often need when in bed, and be sure that the style and size of the table can accommodate your needs.

Some of the surface space considerations you might want to consider, besides space for bedside table lamps, are a place to put your alarm clock, a glass of water, and a place to lay that book when you’re ready to fall asleep. Some people like a telephone on the nightstand, but if you’re opting for a smaller table, a cell phone with an alarm can serve a dual function and save quite a bit of space. This extra space can be used to make the table more attractive with a pretty vase and some fresh or silk flowers, should that be your taste. A more useful bedside table will also accommodate other items in a drawer or two beneath its tabletop. It is here that you can place that box of tissue, your wristwatch or any piece of jewelry you failed to take off earlier, eye masks, any medications that you may need instantly like a bronchial inhaler, and perhaps a pen and a notepad.

The nightstand is another personal part of any bedroom with a lot of functionality. The bedside table should have your personality etched in its choice.

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