Bathroom Light Fixtures Explained

When we talk about bathroom light fixtures, we could be talking about just a basic light bulb holder with the attached pull chain. If ease of maintenance is a priority, these fixtures fit the bill, as there are no glass covers to be removed in order to change the bulb. A number of higher end bathrooms often contain a long row of identical bulbs screwed into the fixture. The light bulb is connected to the electric circuit through the brass or copper fixture that it screws into.

Decorative enclosures for bulbs can be found in some bathrooms in plain glazed glass or in fluted milk glass in the style of ancient oil lamps. You may prefer this type of bathroom lighting fixture if a covered bulb is what you are looking for. Bathroom Light FixturesThrough the use of screws passed through the glass cover and the metal plating, the glass cover is secured to the brass or copper plating that sits atop the live electrical wires, with the light bulb sitting under the glass cover. In the middle of the glass cover, the light bulb screws in.

For a look of cultivated beauty, you can attach miniature chandeliers on each side of bigger mirrors. Because many of these bathroom light fixtures are specially designed to fit the metal plating underneath, they can be especially expensive. It will usually be necessary to have replacement glass made by sending the original to the factory for reproduction, otherwise, it is unlikely that you will locate a replacement.

There is, however, a useful side to the design utilizing light fixtures on both sides of the bathroom mirrors.

More than just the mirror beside the medicine cabinet, application of make-up, combing and blow drying the hair, washing the face, and brushing the teeth, must all be accomplished with the help of bathroom mirror. Simple bathroom lighting fixtures with a single bulb screwed in the socket may be your choice, or you may prefer the more eye-catching rounded bulb in it’s socket, or you may choose to cover your bulb with a heat resistant glass cover. Ultimately, your light fixture is there to serve a functional purpose.

You may rely on your bathroom light to light up the area when you need to use the mirror, or you may rely on your light fixture to set a softer tone for a quiet bath or shower. It is always important to turn off the power when your bathroom light fixtures glass or metal covers require cleaning, and to ensure that your hands are dry whenever changing a bathroom light bulb.

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