Are You In The Market For An Italian Chandelier Deal?

Everyone likes a deal. Why pay full price for something when you can get it at a bargain, right? Well, there are a lot of deals out there these days, but before you buy anything there is one website that you should definitely check out. Know what it is? We’re sure you have heard of it before, but here goes…

Why it’s of course. Founded way back in 1994 by a man called Jeff Bezos, it has grown over the years to become the largest online retailer in the US of A. While it started as an online bookstore, it soon expanded to sell other things as well (such as: software, electronics, toys, food, apparel, and of course…lighting fixtures such as chandeliers. Let’s see what this website has to offer shall we?

The TransGlobe Lighting EL-127 127lt Chandelier-white Frame/black Pendalog Crystals, Clear Boboche/clear Crystal Strands Chandelier will set you back a mere $71, 998 (cheaper than the list price we might add). The company Trans Globe Lighting has been a leading manufacturer of all sorts of lamps and residential lighting for years (i.e.: since 1986). This company was born from the mindsets of two entrepreneurial spirits. What an American success story it has become. Their sole mission from the very start was to exceed industry standards in style, value, and or course selection. Be sure to give this little masterpiece of a company the once over won’t you?

The next specialized item on the list? At a mere $108,800 you can obtain the Venini Granduca by designer Diego Chilo. Made from glass and metal (with a murano glass finish we might add), it stands at 70.86” x 122”. What a perfect compliment to any room in any house.

How about the Nulco Lighting 630-44-VO-01 Royale Volcano for a mere $87, 450. It has 44 Candelabra shaped bulbs, and will set the stage for any party in any room. Measuring a height of 76” and a width of 60”, it will set a presence that just screams out “Hey, Look At Me”.

Which is the most expensive chandelier that Amazon currently offers? Well it’s the Meyda Tiffany – 72090 – 420” W Stanley 8 Arm Chandelier of course. If you want the perfect Tiffany lamp or stained glass lighting to give your room a boost, then this little item is the way to go. It has a list price of $600,000 but you can get it through Amazon for only $360,000 these days. In fact, an even lower price may be available so be sure to check it out. Crafted in Yorkville, New York, every Meyda Tiffany chandelier is a work of art exhibiting the Victorian Gothic Corporate theme. This item will ensure that your room is laid out in a fashion forward and modern style.

So, that’s it. Four of the most expensive chandeliers that Amazon offers. There are others, so be sure to navigate over to their website to see all the rest. An Italian Chandelier deal is yours to be had. Why not pick up a pink chandelier while you are at it. Happy Chandelier Hunting!!!

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