Are Body Pillows Only For Expecting Mothers?

The most common view of body pillows is long cushions that pregnant ladies will cuddle up to as they attempt to get a good night’s sleep. This is certainly true to an extent, but there are plenty of other uses for these odd, body-length cushions.

Those of you who have ever suffered serious leg, ankle or upper body injuries will probably know just how problematical getting decent rest can be. Persistent tossing and turning in an attempt to get comfortable can make it nigh on impossible. These people might get a surprising amount of relief from having a cushion that allows them to sleep on their side, perhaps propping up the painful limb or allowing them to ease the pressure on the part of their back giving them trouble.

Some people find that after they lose a loved one it is difficult to sleep, having been used to sleeping next to the same person for many years. These pillows can provide an emotional comfort to widows, for example, who can use the body pillow as a temporary surrogate sleeping partner.

Others just love how a full body pillow looks on their bed or living-room sofa. Nowadays there are so many great, stylish pillow cases on sale that it these pillows can be used just as a design addition for the home. For this usage they don’t need to be luxurious or incredibly supportive, as for someone who buys one for other reasons above. A lower grade one, made of less expensive materials, will often be adequate here.

A pregnancy body pillow is certainly still a common purchase, but really the usage of these cushions is limited only by your ideas. Perfectly fit people can use them just as much as the unwell; and men use them as well as women. Consider one for a gift for someone, perhaps.

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