Apothecary Chest Style Wood Storage Cabinet For CDs

Everything old is new again, or so it seems in home decor and design. Louis XIV reproduction tables, Stickley style chairs and colonial style wing back chairs and highboys are just a few examples of new furniture made in the style of days gone by. The advent of new technology has created a demand for attractive wood storage cabinets and chests for CD’s that fit the styles and design trends in home decor.

The tall rectangle with shelves or stacking cube CD and DVD storage units are functional, but look more at home in a college dorm than the family room or office of the average home. Combining the use and function of the cube system with style wood-storage-cabinetsmakes the apothecary wooden storage chest perfect for CD storage.

Originally used in colonial times to store herbs and medicines, these chests are made of a series of square box drawers in a chest. The chests may be 5 or 6 drawers wide and 5 or 6 drawers tall, creating a symmetrical linear silhouette. Another common style of apothecary chest has 5 or 6 drawers as a base row, with each subsequent row having 2 less drawers, creating a stacked block pyramid shape on spindle legs.

The new versions of this old favorite have box drawers that are about an inch wider and taller than a CD jewel case, allowing the drawers to slide easily while allowing easy access to the CDs.

As the apothecary chests have found renewed life as CD and DVD storage centers, so has the Librarian file cabinets. Those tall chests with row upon row of long, square drawers that were once used to store those Dewey Decimal cards are now being used as CD storage. Or at least the design is being used to create new furniture that meets the needs of today’s homeowner with an old fashioned flavor.

These chests are not only functional, but can be fun too. Stainless steel drawer pulls in a black lacquer chest lends itself perfectly to a contemporary decor, while dark cherry with brass knobs has a more colonial feel. Painted or stained, antique finish or in pristine condition, there’s a wood storage cabinet for your CDs out there that will fit any interior designer’s dream room.

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